Understanding about a protection plan

A protection plan refers to where, in case you must escape during a domestic violence attack, you will go there and all that your children will require if you are forced to leave your home. There is a need for a protection plan if you are in a relationship that is abusive. According to Domestic violence lawyer Fort Lauderdale, even if you have left an abusive relationship in the recent past, you should have a protection plan. This is especially true if you are currently in a place where your abuser can easily trace you like your family home.

But even if you have to leave your family home, it is possible for your abuser to search out for you and once again, threaten to assault you. If that happens, you will require a protection plan so that you can easily reach out to safety together with your children.
You have to always remember that, a domestic violence assault is normally followed by a period that is calm, referred to as the honeymoon, where the abuser is able to act sorry and remorseful for the abuse. After that, there is a gradual buildup of tensions, which eventually leads to an attack again.
You will require a protection plan so that, when you feel an attack is about to happen, you flee to safety with your children. You should not be misled into thinking that when in honeymoon, the abuser will stop and things will go back to normal and the abuse will stop.
The following are some of the elements of the protection plan:
• Know the behavior which comes before the abuser attacks
• Decide on a safe place you can always run to together with your children
• Decide on how you are going to get to the place
• Decide on how you are going to get an escape route once an attack is imminent.

Posted on February 23, 2020